Why Us?

Because at JAMCO we value customers for their business, not their volume.

Borders without Bureaucracy

International trade is complex enough. It doesn’t need a service provider to make it more so.

We have nothing against bigger and more bureaucratic competitors. But our customers do.

And so they choose us because we give them what they want:

  • Being big enough to handle any shipment but agile enough to provide personalized service.
  • Diligent shipment monitoring to ensure fast customs clearance and on-time deliveries.
  • Streamlined communications, rapid decision-making and actions that swiftly move their products, unimpeded by layers and lengthy approval delays found at big, bureaucratic providers.
  • Transactions executed with consistency and certainty rather than via a huge patchwork of far-flung corporate locations, each doing things a different way in different offices.

'Smart Sizing'

We want every customer to feel important. We want every shipment and transaction to be treated as if it were our only one. We want to make it easy for our Customers to do business with us.

We do this with what we call ‘smart sizing: balancing the right organizational size the right operational capabilities. This gives us the optimal scale, network and capabilities to ensure exceptional service.

Performance, Not Platitudes …

Goals are nice, but results count.

And getting things done for Customers is what counts most to us.

At JAMCO, we do this with a service execution strategy built upon:

An organizational infrastructure and a management ‘operating system’ carefully built over the years with rigorous operational, commercial and financial processes.

Systems and technology that connect the processes in our workplace with our customers in the marketplace – and continuously upgrading them to respond to industry changes.

Robust internal metrics and analytics to ensure our organization and operational capabilities are aligned to keep a pulse on what our Service teams need and our Customers want.

Loyal Employees Serving Satisfied Customers

Our business model is simple:

Disciplined organic growth coupled with a strong, debt-free balance sheet.

It’s a powerful 1-2 punch that has allows us to grow with our customers in an orderly fashion. We have geometrically expanded our market share and logistics network without sacrificing execution. This means superior service for our existing customers as we continue to acquire new ones.

Our value proposition is equally simple: Think big but act small.

Our ‘growth from within’ strategy and financial discipline allows us to focus on what really matters: making customers happy rather than just making deals. We’re comfortable enough in our skin to resist the ego of acquisitions that enrich executives but too often result in bureaucracies that impede timely execution for our customers.

The result?

We have avoided the impact of downturns in the industry and the economy in general. More importantly, we have had the privilege of avoiding layoffs and reorganizations that are disruptive to our customers and lessen our readiness to serve.

The proof?

90% Employee Retention and 97.6% Customer Retention say it all.